Be Still

Be Still

Child, there is never a time My light has abandoned you. There is never a time you have been closed off from Me.

Stop, look at your surroundings, I am there! I am the moon and the stars in the darkness shining, providing the light for you to take your next step. I am the cliffs protecting you and surrounding you in My love. I am the quiet whisper of the waves crashing on the shore constantly speaking to you.

I am in everything; will you look for me? Will you choose to see Me in your situation?

Look with your spirit where I reside within you. I am not hiding from you – I am right with you always – just choose to say no to the lies that say it is dark and that I am far away. Allow My presence to break over you. Soak in My peace. Rest in My arms!

Be still My child, I want to rest with you. I want to hear your heart. I want to comfort you. I want to sit with you. You, My child, are My beautiful, loved and purposefully created work of art. I love to admire you in those still quiet times. I love getting to talk with you every moment. I love getting to reveal My secrets to you.

You, My precious child, are worth everything I created for you. I love you My child. You are very good! I love being your Father. You are My special one. Will you choose to believe Me? Will you choose to see Me?


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