To be known, chosen and loved.

What a privilege it is to be chosen. What a joy to be loved. Not just sometimes loved, but always loved, unconditionally, never-ending love.

This is what we have.

The topic of adoption has been on my heart for a while. The power of being chosen and taken from your former life of dread and uncertainty, to a life full of hope, love and family.

Adoption here on earth is an amazing picture of what God does to each one of us but it still doesn’t compare to the story of adoption that God has for each of us.

You have been taken in by a father who will always love you, no matter where you’ve been, what you do, or what you say. He is there when you are happy, sad, scared, angry, even if you are angry at him… he is there.

In your worst moments he is there to pick you up. In your best moments he is there to congratulate you and give you all the accolades you could ever want and MORE.

Most of us think it is impossible to get this unconditional love because of our earthly family’s and we even bring in all the things we have done or thought.


DESPITE all of those things,

He Still Chose You.

He chose you to be called his. To take his name, to be next to him forever.
And he knew what he was getting into when he chose each of us. He knew all we would do even after he became his and he still chooses us. He will NEVER disown us. He will NEVER forsake us. He will NEVER leave you.

Wow what a relationship. What a father we have

That’s the best part! We don’t have to understand it.

We get to just receive it.

Picnic of Love

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