A Place For You

A Place For You

I have a place for you. In the midst of the chaos, in the midst of your struggles, I am here waiting for you. 

You weren’t made to go through this life alone, that is why I sent the Holy Spirit to be in you always!

So, here I am for you to rest your head, come sit with me.

With me is where you will find the real peace that you crave. The peace you are trying to get from this world, or just by sitting in silence away from the noise will not satisfy your heart, mind and soul. This void of anxiety, and worry can only be filled with my peace that goes past all explanation. 

The great part is that when I fill the void, you can go anywhere, go into any situation and you can still keep this peace, this joy, and this love that I’m constantly showering over you.

Underneath the shadow of my strong protection there is no fear. Fear is checked at the door as you enter my presence because fear will not survive in my sweet smothering love. 

This is where you can be. This is where you can live, and thrive! This is where you were meant to be. With me… Always.

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